Lioness is on the rise

Well ladies are you ready to take up your position in authority, are you ready to make the rules and follow them through.

This journey is not for the weak hearted the universe is tied of playing weak. The feminine energy is not weak if we can carry life and feel that excruciating pain of giving birth then we are not weak.

It’s high time we sat next to God and truly called ourselves Goddess an equal counterpart of the male energy both having different attributes that work well together.

Zero dominance over the other but mutual respect and understanding in this beautiful profound journey of life and awareness. I believe the more we truly get to understand ourselves and know who we are then we can coexist together without fighting.

It’s now our time my beautiful Goddesses to rise up and defend ourselves over our past and fully heal from it and let that pain hurt and self hatred stop. We can’t be one when we have not fully found ourselves.

Self love is truly finding yourself and accepting who you are. It all starts with us then this energy can spread to the whole world so I’m calling all my sisters to heal not only for ourselves but for the entire universe.

Peace Love and Light



Aries season

It’s that time of the year when your desires are coming to life only if you believe.

It’s really wonderful to have a loving relationship with yourself, I believe that is where all the connections with the world come from because it all comes from within.

It’s been a good year of growing up and releasing a lot of pain and it has been eye opening to the things I’m passionate about. Following my heart on what I want to do with my life has been easy this time because I’m done playing small, I’m like I’m getting older so I might as well do what i what right. So yes I’m making my own rules and it’s BEAUTIFUL.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAISY! From shy girl to queen lol but I love it growing up with all its lessons is beautiful and I accept my truth and lessons.

Peace Love and Light


Life is beautiful if you listen to yourself

Interesting right ! I think it’s the best thing that has ever happened to me and let me say this I freaking love it lol excuse the language but it’s so liberating and I got to say it again, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL.

Coming from someone who was once so afraid to speak her mind and was subumisive to the pressures of society. It feels like a big stone has been lifted of my shoulders and now and I can breath again and be myself. Never put yourself down for someone especially the ones that you love thinking that’s the way you are supposed to love them yet your killing yourself softly without knowing it.

Until you start listening to your voice in a relationship you will always be the victim of self hate by not choosing yourself first. It’s sad that I did this to myself for years. Submitting and not even knowing it but now I know and I’m not afraid to speak my truth and express how I feel.

Have you been lost and you don’t know what to do and your stuck between listening to your needs first and caring for the needs of others. Selfish? Right but it’s OK because you cannot serve from an empty cup, serving from fakeness and pretence is draining and as a woman carrying those emotions affects our children.

We have to heal for our little ones and raise them on a different path of fearless self love.

What does it take for someone to admit that they are wrong, sounds simple but it’s so hard to see ourselves battling for dominance over others yet the battle is within ourselves.

We have no idea that we are damaging our souls trying to hide ascepts of ourselves we don’t want other people to see. Well we cannot hide anymore we are exposing ourselves without knowing it and some of us are still trying to fight to stay in the past yet the world has evolved.

Mother earth is calling for healing, the feminine energy cannot be tammed anymore its time for her to soar and take up her position in the heavens as the rules of this earth.



Life as we know it

Sometimes I sit down and I wonder if life is really worth living if your not yourself. I think we are too hard on our self image that we even forget where to begin living a life that we truly want.

Is life meant to be hard or we are just the ones being too hard on ourselflves because we have a reputation to keep. I believe that this has placed us in bondage for so long and we need to break free and stop living a vicious cycle of self hatred, manipulation and control of ourselves and others.

I’ve lived a life of control and I’m still fighting to break free from that narrative. It’s hard but I will keep fighting until I surrender to that yawning in my soul for inner peace and happiness.

Willingly pushing forward looking for a way out of this box I have put myself in, learning each day to put my needs first and not feel bad about it, learning to be patient with myself on this journey of self mastery.

I have to say it has been an interesting journey so far, it’s like having two voices in your head both making very loud noise and you to listen to the one that brings you the atmost joy.

life is beautiful and we are all meant to be happy.

Peace love and light


How to feed your soul.

Yes feed your inner child

Danny Gregory

It was the end of yoga class and I lay on the floor in corpse pose. Suddenly a rich, deep voice in my head spoke to me out of the candlelit darkness. It spoke slowly and distinctly and said, “Your body is the dog of your mind.”


I thought about this cryptic phrase for the rest of the day. I even Googled it. Slowly I came to an answer.

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